5 Steps To Break The Box


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It’s A Boxed World After All


The alarm goes off, it is 7:15 AM. You wake up all warm and cozy in the comfort of your box home or apartment. 


You get up and look out the window and see plenty of other boxes all around you that look just like yours.


You get dressed, ready, and move from your box home to your box car, bus, or train.
Your box form of transportation takes you to your box workplace that is fully equipped with artificial lighting, box cubicles and offices, and boxlike people doing boxlike things.


After a long day doing your box work you take your box form of transportation back to the safety of your box home.


You are stressed and tired,  all you want to do is relax and watch some TV. So, you take out your box remote and point it at that black box in front of you that displays artificial sequences defined as entertainment.


Ring ring…buzz buzz…ring ring! All of a sudden, a box in your pocket begins to make noise and vibrate in the middle of your box entertainment time. So, you decide to answer that box and have a conversation with it for the next hour.


Next thing you know it is 11:30 PM so you hop in your comfy box bed, go to sleep, wake up, and do it all again.



I’m Claustrophobic 



I have many vivid memories of being locked in tiny, confined spaces or wrapped with enough blankets to instill the illusion of restriction. Physically, I was in absolutely no danger, yet my subconscious mind presented myself with the very real fear of being trapped. Or in other words, missing out on the fruits of life.


Of course, at that age I could not understand the metaphor behind why I hated confined spaces. Subsequently, my youthful lack of self-awareness when put in these positions would result in immediate panic and pitiful attempts of breaking free which normally ended with me crying and begging to be let out.


This “boxed” life that I see all around me could very well be a fabrication designed by this childhood fear of claustrophobia. However, a part of me also wants to believe that this “boxed” life that I speak of is a legitimate concern within the constructs of our 21st century lifestyle standard.

The 21st Century Lifestyle Standard


…is equivalent to “doing fine”. You know what I am talking about, the kind of life where you simply accept where you are.


You finally have a job you don’t hate. Your coworkers are nice, your role has some importance, and the work that you do has some meaning to it. On top of that, you have enough money to pay your bills, save a little, and even afford to take that tropical vacation during the two weeks you are allowed off….Wahooooo!


Oh yes, it is obvious, in the eyes of society as well as your peers you seem to be doing quite fine for yourself. Who would blame you if you stayed right where you are now?



I Would Blame You



Don’t fall for this very acceptable trap of living a life that is “just fine”. If you fall for it, and the majority of people do, do not be surprised if a midlife crisis creeps around the corner.


I blame you because you forgot about your big dreams, goals, and aspirations. You accepted them as dead before even attempting to give them life!


I blame you because you placed a higher importance on receiving a paycheck than pursuing your beloved passion. Sure, your bills will get paid but it is your soul that will be full of pain!


I blame you because your decision operated out of fear of what your peers thought of you. Congratu-freakin-lations! You have just successfully made everyone else happy but yourself.


I blame you because you lost your childhood sense of curiosity and adventure. Instead, you have taken a very “practical” approach to life because you now consider yourself an adult.


Many of you may be reading this and thinking “this isn’t me, I love my life”. If that is truly the case then kudos to you, you are indeed one of the few who actually get it. For the rest who are merely thinking this out of self-justification, please give yourself a long hard look in the mirror and quit lying to the only person who can make the necessary improvements (whisper* – that means you).


5 Steps To Break The Box




1. Quit Your Box Job

Seriously, if you are not loving what you do day in and day out–make the change. It is scary and seemingly impractical but it is extremely worth it. I have dedicated an entire article to the subject, click here to learn why quitting my job was the best thing for me and why it could also be for you.


2. Re-Ignite An Old Passion

Yes, there was once a time in each of our lives where we fully enjoyed doing something. Remember, what that felt like? Having no sense of time or space and doing it because you couldn’t help yourself but to eagerly continue. That’s passion.


Your objective is to reflect on the nostalgia of those youthful times and identify what things you truly enjoyed doing and if you would still enjoy doing them today.


3. Meet Your Passion With Practicality

Be careful though, if you are too practical your passions will forever go back into hiding. The key here is to figure out a way to turn a passion of yours into an income-producing asset. Please be open-minded when you do this, there is always a way to live off your passion.


Maybe you love to surf but think to yourself, “well…I’m not going to make any money off surfing, might as well get myself and adult job and grow up”. That is BIG mistake. 


There are always options. You can start a surf shop and sell various surfing gear and merchandise. You can teach private lessons in beautiful tropical areas to eager to learn tourists. You can become a custom surfboard manufacturer and sell them to distributors and retailers. 


Never and I say NEVER…sell yourself short on a passion of yours.


4. Live Outside Of Your Box

This holds multiple meanings. To live outside of your box is to go out in the world and experience life firsthand. Meet new people, do new things, travel to new lands, try new hobbies, and genuinely be out in nature.


It also means to live a life unique to your interests. Don’t succumb to societal scripts, lesson plans, or popular ideals. The only way to experience an authentically full life is to live how you see fit.


5. Focus On Quality NOT Quantity 

This concept can be applied to many areas of life. In my perspective, it is the key toward a much simpler and happier life.


I may offend some people here but…stop buying so much useless crap! It clutters up your space, wastes your money, and gives you one more thing to worry about. Instead, only buy or bring into your life what truly brings you value. You may love having a ridiculous amount of clothing, but don’t make something as simple as putting on clothes a stressful activity. Seriously, donate 70% of that shit, you only wear 30% anyways.


Another bright idea is to quit wasting your life away trying to please too many people and trying to acquire too many loose friends. Focus your energies on the few people who align with your core values and give them all you have to offer. I promise you, quality relationships will define your happiness.





Let’s Build A School Together


I was lucky. I was hand-gifted an amazing childhood stock-full of opportunities and access to renowned educational endeavors. Unfortunately, millions upon millions of adolescents did not and still do not, share with me the abundant childhood I was able to have.


I firmly believe every child on the face of this earth should be granted access to educational institutions. It is my great hope that we can make that happen within the life-span of my millennial generation.


With the privilege I was given as a child it is necessary for me to give back to those less fortunate than I. That is why I have launched a campaign through Mindset Mojo and Booster.com to raise $35,000 for the Pencils of Promise Non-Profit Organization to build a school in a developing nation.


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