Someone Is Going To Win, Why Not Let It Be You?

Yes, you can be the next Rocky Balboa if you so choose


Someone is going to earn $1 million this year, why not you?


Someone is going to win the Superbowl, why not you?


Someone is going to fall in love, why not you?


Someone is going to lose those 10 lbs, why not you?


Someone is going to score the winning goal, why not you?


Someone is going to land their dream job, why not you?


Someone is going to travel around the world, why not you?


Someone is going to……………….(fill in your goal)


We Are Spectators

“What are you watching?” — “I don’t know, what everyone else is trying to watch”


Sit back, relax and enjoy the show………….


…or sporting event….or YouTube video….or Instagram feed….or news reel… or Snapchat story or….you get my point.


More than ever, we live in an era of passive observation. Every season we obsess about fantasy (insert sport here). Every week there is a catastrophe on the news we must follow. Every day a new “hit” show comes out for us to watch. Every second there is a new tweet for us to view.


We love to sit there and let life happen TO US. Yet in reality, life was meant to be FOR US.


How do you think we landed here within this strange concept we all call “life”? We were created!…and we were not created to just sit there and do nothing with the massive powers we were all given at birth. We are all natural creators, yet some of us use their powers more often than others.


It is time for you to pick up where you left off, whether it be a passion project, sport, or hobby, and fucking create again!

Your TV Will Never Love You Back

But it’s so warm…


I get it. You and your TV have had A LOT of one on one time. Trust me, you are not alone. It has been noted that the average American watches a mind-boggling 4.3 hours of television a day!


It’s tough to let go…but I got news for you Sweetie Pie the feeling ain’t mutual! Do yourself a HUGE favor and toss that damn, good for nothing, TV of yours.


You will see the results almost immediately after the “holy shit, what do I do with myself” period of releasing your TV into the wild. All of those hours you wasted watching other people do cool things ends now. It is finally time for you to do those cool things.


Life’s Cajones Are Swingin’


….It’s time for you to rip those suckers right off!


What is it that you want in life? To have complete financial freedom? To find your true love? To be respected among your peers? Whatever it may be for you, it is certainly not out of reach.


There is a reason why we see so many people publicly achieve success. We glorify them like they aren’t among us as human beings. Yet they absolutely are, just humans, no different from the rest of us on the outside. What we forget, however, is how different the successful among us are on the inside.


The Story of Stallone


Sylvester Stallone was at one point in his life so broke that he was forced to sell his dog for $25 because he couldn’t afford to feed him anymore.


A few weeks later, he had the inspiration to write “Rocky” after watching the 1975 boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner. He wrote the entire script from beginning to end in 20 straight hours!


Stallone tried to sell his script and was offered $125,000 for it. Despite his grim financial situation, he turned all that money down because he was refused the lead role. Less than a month later he was proposed double his original offer, yet still turned it down because his wishes were not granted.


Finally, due to his willingness to persist, the studio offered him $35,000 and the lead acting role. Stallone immediately accepted and went on to be nominated for best actor in 1976, along with buying his dog back for $15,000.


The inspirational story of “real human” Sylvester Stallone should not be taken lightly. Did his success come from sitting there and letting his financial circumstances get the best of him? Of course not!


He took massive action and clawed his way out of the hopeless ditch that was once his life and created a whole new version in which to be proud of.


Create Your Own Story Of Success

We are all capable of infinite possibilities. Your mind is the master of creation, your soul is the master of energy, and you as whole is the master of your own destiny.


It’s nice to hear all of these shots of inspiration, but in reality, they are deemed useless without massive action. Back me up here Tony!!


“The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” — Tony Robbins


See, inspiration and motivation are simply words, ideas, and thought provocations that give you energy. If you do absolutely nothing with this energy I give to you today, nothing will improve in your life. The only thing in between setting goals and actually achieving them is action!


I leave you with just one question?


Someone is going to win……why not let it be YOU.

Why I Write

I truly believe we are all here for a reason, we all have a purpose. Mine is to inspire one billion people across the globe to take a chance on their dreams.
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