The Power Of Asking: My Personal Experiences

The hardest part in attaining what you want is having the courage to ask for it.


In my previous life, I lived complacently and rarely did I ever ask for more. This ultimately led to exactly that — nothing more.


When the girl I liked walked past me, did I chase after her and ask her out? Of course not! That required stepping outside of my comfort zone, so I let her walk by and forever out of my life.


When I studied in the library and was distracted by a few loud-mouthed idiots did I politely ask them to STFU? Of course not! That required confrontation, so I let them continue to distract me and proceeded to get nothing done.


When I received a poor grade on an essay that I disagreed with did I talk with the teacher about it? Of course not! That required an uncomfortable conversation with a superior, so my grade remained poor.


All of my above examples allude to a this singular concept — if you lack the courage to ask, the only thing that is definitive is receiving that of which you don’t want.

Three years ago I started to notice a tremendous difference in my life. As I reflected back on the nostalgia of many small victories I realized what made the difference — I was fearless in asking for what I wanted.

My Personal Experiences Asking For Things

European Travels — October 2014

After being written up for the fourth time, I was removed from my former university’s abroad program. Instead of letting my dreams of European Travels disappear, I asked the Assistant Dean of Students if I could be re-instated into the program if I got my shit together and met with the counselor every week.


After 6 weeks I was re-instated and went on to visit 7 different European countries over the next four months.


CEO Mentor — November 2014

Even though I wasn’t part of the required class, I showed up to my university’s Idea Workshop. This event was like musical chairs for pitching ideas to the rich and powerful of Cleveland, Ohio. I pitched my ride sharing idea ‘Vroom’ to the CEO of Dzugan Physiologic (a leading restorative medicinal company) and instantly felt a connection with him. I went ahead and asked him to have lunch with me to keep the connection going.


He is now one of my good friends and top mentors.

Six Months Free— January 2015

Six months into the lease of renting my first apartment the bank tried evicting my friends and I. After much research I discovered our landlord did not possess proper title on the house and was illegally renting it to us. I asked the paralegal who represented the bank if we could live in the house until our lease was up and continue to “maintain” it.


The bank accepted and we got to live in that house rent free for the next six months.

Free Marketing Team—September 2015

As required by my marketing professor, we needed to conduct market research and perform a full-fledged marketing campaign on a pre-existing company. I was working on an entrepreneurial venture at the time and asked my professor if I could choose my own company for the project.


She accepted and as a result I was handed a marketing team that worked on my venture over the next year for free.

Got The Job—July 2016

I had already sent out 50+ online job applications to various real estate firms and did not get a single interview. I altered my efforts and began showing up to real estate firms unannounced and asked for interviews in person.


Within one week I had four interviews and got hired at Marcus & Millichap — the #1 commercial real estate investment firm in the nation.

Lawyered The Lawyer—December 2016

After leaving our apartment clean and undamaged our landlord withheld over $2,000 of our security deposit. I asked the local court if they would hear our case against him.


The court accepted the case and we went on to win $2,011.74 in compensatory damages despite the fact our landlord is also a practicing lawyer.

Homeless To Homeowner—March 2017

After being turned down by several financial institutions, and being denied a mortgage by Keybank at the final step of closing on my first house…I almost lost all hope. I got in touch with a friend and asked one more mortgage company if they would process my loan.


Having an offer accepted on a different house and roughly two more months of hard work, my loan was processed and I sit here today happily in the new house I can finally call my home.


Some Words of Wisdom

My goal sharing these experiences with you was not to boast or brag. More so it was to prove to you that asking for things can bring extraordinary results.


Sometimes I like to be poetic:


It doesn’t cost anything to get up and ask,
but it costs an opportunity to do nothing and sit back.
Have the courage to speak up in your interest,
and the joys of life will bear to be your witness.


Why I Write

I truly believe we are all here for a reason, we all have a purpose. Mine is to inspire one billion people across the globe to take a chance on their dreams.
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